1980s Inspired Chunky Gold Jewelry – How To Style This Summer

1980s Inspired Chunky Gold Jewelry – How To Style This Summer

Ah, the glorious —a decade when fashion dared to be bold, and ‘more is more' wasn't just a motto but a way of life, especially in the sphere of accessories. This , as the sun casts its golden glow, why not illuminate your look with a sprinkle of 1980s-inspired chunky gold jewelry? It's a nod to the past yet feels as fresh as a lemonade on a hot day.

Imagine this: the radiant sunlight catches the gleam of a chunky gold necklace as you stroll along the beachfront. There's something deliciously opulent about draping oneself in these audacious pieces that whisper tales of luxury and glamour. The 1980s were unabashed in their style expressions, and today, we're seeing a resurgence of these bold statements. It's not just a throwback—it's a celebration of fearless femininity.

Even when I am driving an Aston Martin.

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Neck Accessories

Let's start with the neck, shall we? A chunky gold chain necklace isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. Pair it with a simple white tee or that little black dress, and watch how it transforms your look from everyday to absolutely extraordinary. The beauty of these pieces lies in their versatility. Whether you're sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar or attending a casual family barbecue, a gold chunky necklace never feels out of place.

Moving up to the ears, where dangling charms and hoops reign supreme, let's talk earrings. The 1980s loved a good show-stopper earring, and so do we! This summer, opt for oversized gold hoops or chunky geometric shapes that frame your face and add a playful yet regal touch to your ensemble. They sway as you talk and catch the light with every turn, ensuring you're not just seen, but remembered.

Now, can we discuss bracelets for a moment? Stacking is the keyword here. Layer thick gold bangles alongside slimmer, intricate designs to create a curated chaos that's both eye-catching and elegant. Each movement of your wrist creates a symphony of shimmer, perfect for those sunset beach parties where you want to bring a touch of dazzle.


But it's not just about the flash; it's the artistry in each piece that captivates. The 1980s were known for bold designs and even bolder choices in jewelry craftsmanship. This season, seek out pieces that feature interesting textures, from hammered finishes to twisted ropes and even the incorporation of colorful enamel for a contemporary twist. It's these details that make each piece not just an accessory but a masterpiece.

What about rings, you ask? Oh, darling, the rules are simple—there are no rules. Wear a chunky gold ring (or two, or three!) on every finger if it pleases you.

Mix and match styles to create a look that's uniquely yours. It's a fabulous way to make a hands-on impression, quite literally.

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Of course, wearing chunky gold jewelry requires a certain je ne sais quoi. It's about carrying yourself with the confidence of a queen who knows her style is her kingdom. Whether you're reinventing vintage vibes or creating a modern twist on retro glam, the key is to wear these pieces with attitude and love every minute of it.


And remember, darling, while the summer sun is temporary, your style is eternal. So why not make it golden? This season, let your accessories do the talking and walk into every room like it's the runway of your life. After all, when it comes to fashion, isn't it all about making a statement?

So there you have it—a treasure trove of tips for adorning yourself with chunky gold jewelry this summer. Whether you choose to go full 1980s with layers upon layers or select a single statement piece to elevate your outfit, the effect is undeniably magnificent. This isn't just about revisiting a bygone era; it's about reimagining it in your image. Because let's face it, when you feel fabulous, you look it too.

So dive into your jewelry box, unearth those bold pieces, or better yet, treat yourself to a new bauble or two. After all, isn't life too short to wear boring jewelry? Embrace the luxurious, opulent that comes with wearing chunky gold pieces. It's your summer to shine bright, reflect your light, and maybe—just maybe—be a little bit audacious. After all, isn't that what the joy of dressing up is all about?

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Chunky Jewellery

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