Ava Gardner – Bikini & High Waisted Shorts

Ava Gardner – Bikini & High Waisted Shorts

Oh, darling, if we're talking vintage style icons, Ava Gardner tops the list with a fabulous flair that still captivates the fashion world today. Imagine this: it's a blazing day, you're flipping through an old Vogue, and there she is—Ava, the epitome of vintage glamour. Why, you may ask, should Ava be your go-to style muse for those sultry summer vibes? Let me take you on a stylish journey that's as refreshing as a lemonade in July!

First off, picture Ava in the 1940s and 50s—those were her banner years, a real festival of fashion. She was more than just a silver-screen queen; she was a trendsetter, a beacon of style during Hollywood's golden era. Remember, this was a time when fashion was not just clothes; it was a statement, a rebellious whisper against the expected, and Ava was its megaphone.

I came across a fun tidbit recently that just tickled me pink: Jennifer Lawrence is set to play Ava in an upcoming biopic directed by none other than Martin Scorsese. Imagine stepping into those chic ! Ava's wardrobe, from her white cotton shirts that whispered of subtle seduction to her clingy mohair tees and airy cotton sundresses, was nothing short of iconic. And those outfits are screaming to be flaunted even today, darling.

Ava Style

Now, let's dish about her style—Ava knew the power of a white shirt. Whether paired with a full skirt for a dash of feminine flair or thrown over a swimsuit for a casual beachy look, she mastered the art. Pip Durell, a designer I absolutely adore, once said Ava was a “shirting icon.” And honey, she wasn't lying. Ava could take any shirt, whether it was mannish or fitted, and make it look effortlessly chic. Imagine yourself, a mimosa in hand, sporting a crisp, white shirt tucked into high-waisted shorts. Divine!

high waisted shorts

But Ava wasn't just about shirts. Oh no, she was a whole mood. Raised in the South during the Great Depression, she brought that raw, unfiltered charm to Hollywood, which was all about glitz and glam. Her story was one of rags to riches, a testament to her indomitable spirit. She once said she could dance all night and still be camera-ready with just a nap and a glass of champagne. If that isn't a vibe we should all aspire to, I don't know what is!

Her love life? Just as spicy as her style! Married to Frank Sinatra, Ava was the heart of their stormy, passionate romance. Their love story was the stuff of legends, filled with drama and devotion, making her all the more alluring.


And, darling, let's not forget the designers who adored dressing her. Ava was a muse for the likes of Balenciaga and Christian . Imagine draping yourself in a Dior gown designed for Ava—now that's a dream! Her dress alone, a stunning creation by Howard Greer, was a mix of grey and pink that set the trend for bridal fashion in the 50s.

Now, about her summer style—absolutely unbeatable! Ava was an early adopter of the bikini, and let me tell you, she rocked it. Her choices, especially those high-waisted bikinis, would still make a splash on today's beaches. They were flattering, darling, accentuating her waist and elongating her legs, all while exuding an air of classic glamour.

So why Ava Gardner? Because she's more than just a vintage icon; she's a lesson in living life lavishly and lovingly. She embraced her femininity with a boldness that was both refreshing and revolutionary. She showed us that style isn't just what you wear; it's how you wear it—with a smile, with confidence, and maybe a little bit of that Ava mischief.

As we look to those long, lazy days of summer, think of Ava. Whether you're lounging by the pool in a chic two-piece or turning heads at a garden party, channel her timeless elegance, and darling, you'll be the star of your own classic movie. So, grab your sunhat and those oversized sunglasses—summer is calling, and it's asking for Ava Gardner!

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