Vintage – Lucca Vintage Market Made In Italy

Vintage – Lucca Vintage Market Made In Italy

Lucca, located in the region of , is a highly renowned historical city that attracts visitors of all ages. It is particularly famous for its monthly event, which takes place every third weekend of the month, where Italian vendors offer a wide range of vintage furniture, clothes, and accessories for sale. In the world of and luxury vintage brands like , , and Prada, there are numerous hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These treasures extend beyond just clothing, as jewelry pieces can also include household names or lesser-known but renowned Italian brands that may not be familiar to everyone.

So many opportunities to find stunning cups, kitchen accessories, and plates unique to one's home.

vintage market Lucca Tuscany vintage market Lucca Tuscany vintage market Lucca Tuscany

Vintage Fur

This particular market features a specialized shop that focuses on upcycling vintage fur. The shop takes these fur coats and redesigns them to give them a more modern and contemporary appearance. While these coats may be on the pricier side, they are typically in excellent condition. These are a rare find because Italy is still selling vintage fur thanks to .


Chanel offers a wide selection of exquisite jewelry pieces that are beautifully presented and truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, there is a store that specializes in selling vintage leather Chanel , particularly in smaller sizes. These shoes are perfect for displaying in your home and adding a touch of elegance.

Chanel vintage shoes


There are always Prada vintage shoes and . The prices range from $350. The condition is always very good.


Prada shoes vintage


There are plenty of vintage Gucci bags available. I was able to purchase some incredible Gucci high heels. The Lucca market is known for demanding high prices for , but don't hesitate to negotiate and find a good deal.


Hermes Silk Scarf

You can find a variety of beautiful Hermes silk scarves available for purchase. One of the most popular options is the Coach silk scarf, which is known to be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. However, it's important to be aware that there are also counterfeit silk scarves being sold, so it's crucial to be able to distinguish between the two. When making your purchase, consider opting for a package that includes the necessary accessories.

vintage market Lucca Tuscany

Louis Vuitton

LV products, including scarves, bags, and suitcases, are available in various conditions. Finding these items can be likened to discovering gold; it requires a diligent search and a stroke of luck.

Fake Goods

Be mindful that there are plenty of fake goods sold here and make sure you find the number to prove it is real.

One of my rare and favorite bag purchases of all time is Roberta Di Camerino. I found two here at the Lucca market and they are very rare indeed.

Roberta Di Camerino Venice Made in Italy leather bag Roberta Roberta Di Camerino Venice Made in Italy leather bag Roberta


There are a wide variety of Italian mirrors, tables, and chairs available. On certain days, you may come across exquisite mirrors sourced from Palazzo buildings. If you are in search of something unique and uncommon, your success will depend on your luck once more.

The world of vintage clothing revolves around the thrill of the hunt. It is important to allocate a budget for spontaneous purchases. You will often come across rare Cartier suitcases and bags during your search.


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