Fendi Vintage – How To Spot 1980’s Garments

Fendi Vintage  – How To Spot 1980’s Garments

I am in a gem of an area where boutiques are stuck in the . Italy was thriving in the 1980s. Luxury brands such as Fendi could command prices for the rich.

Those days being rich was much more exclusive than today. We would know by the clothing brands ladies would wear. Why we must stop buying fast fashion fabrics?

Ninety-nine percent of our clothes today aren't recycled, and most wind up in landfill – given the average garment is worn seven times before it's thrown away, that's a lot of material.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

ZARA, Primark & Boohoo Must Pay Eco Tax

The EU has decided enough is enough. This week, news broke that Brussels plans to be brutal on throwaway fashion with a new initiative. Clothes made, and sold in the EU will have to be durable, reusable, repairable, and recyclable. I don't yet know whether there will be penalties for serial offenders or incentives for good practice.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

But it is an exciting next step for circularity in the fashion industry.”


Serial brands offenders like Shein, Missguided and Boohoo fabrics are derived from plastics or cheap cotton. Cotton was picked under terrible inhuman conditions in China. Sadly, High-street brands, by contrast, produce a mix of clothes It is so very hard to trust if the quality fabric is real.

The key to finding the right ones is looking at the fabrics. And to shop at windows like Italy. Who are still the same as they were way back when I first came to Italy in 1996?

I love it.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

A vintage poster in the changing room.

Vintage Skirts

I was so excited to come across a boutique that sold clothes all made in the 1980s and 1990s. Walking through the boutique I was greeted by an 85-year-old shop owner. She started to notice I knew quality wool fabrics. She came up to me and asked how I knew the difference between today's fabrics opposed these ones of piece garments.

I remember when walking the streets of Italy in the 1980's it was like a runway show. Full of style and colours like, beige, brown and green. Very classic Italian colours are even sold today.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

As I sorted through endless amounts of what I deem vintage wool skirts. I was so excited to see the quality of the wool. Unworn, still with the old Italian currency Lira. I had a wonderful moment stepping back in time. When garments were of high quality. And the elderly lady guided me on what she deemed would fit me. Again, those days are long gone. She could see my passion for quality classic textiles and garments.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

Even the labels, tags were so niche. I keep them on the skirt as a reminder of the fashion of the past.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

Wool Made In Italy Versus China

Ask yourself, what would you prefer to trust? China wool or Italian? The colours and quality knits of these skirts are why I adore them. Wool is the best fabric for our planet. Cashmere, Merino are wonderful and very durable to wear. So invest in these items they will make you feel amazing.


This Jil Sander wool dress made in China has always given me a sense of doubt. If it's real wool. The carbon footprint it took to get it here in Europe. Shop locally and support locally it's better for us all.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

This is a matching set with a huge flowing skirt and top. Wonderful set and looks so classy. I feel and look amazing in it. No one makes items like this unless you ask for them. Vintage finds are both fabulous for the wallet as well as the earth.

Give more time to shop for vintage items and buy less.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

The joy of knowing I am wearing luxury niche items from the 1980s is music to my ears.


Nothing would prepare me for the Fendi finds of and cotton beige stretch denim. Super high street chic. Even with its original tags. my assistant was on a mission to guide me into fashion niche items. With her pristine hair and high heels. We scouted through brilliant clothing.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

Top-quality fabrics that have lasted 25 years.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

Purple Fendi

A vintage label that describes in detail the care one must take in denim. Luxury clothes in the 1980s were super expensive.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

These two colour tone denim, with bling embellishments, are super chic. My passion for me is the hunt for rare items that no fast fashion could ever match. Knowing that these items can't even be found on Vestiare makes me super special. Clothes do that for my soul. Wearing items that no one else in the world may have.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

These items are truly 100% made in Italy. Due to the date of the label.

Fendi Vintage Fur

This vintage fur coat is of absolute quality. With a silk lining and Fendi logo, in its time it would command 30,000euro.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

Thanks to me my love for vintage Fendi is why these ladies showed me their hidden gems.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

The gorgeous owners of the fur are so sad it just simply does not sell. How do we inspire people to buy this planet-friendly fur? Russia, Canada and Switzerland clients are the cultures that like Fendi fur.

Fendi Vintage Fur Jackets 1980s

Recycling Fabrics

Recycled nylon is the answer in this case and most of the brands using it are either small independent ones (think Cleonie or Cossie & Co) or designers (such as Rejina Pyo and Loewe)

Good to notice Adidas has branched out into making sustainable leggings and so has Uniqlo – and hopefully other brands will follow suit. So have denim brands like Gas. But if you can find vintage Fendi clothing is the art of true sustainability.

You can easily identify the vintage 1980s jeans by the massive labels on them.

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