Vintage Fashion – Haunted Clothes Can Make You Sick

Vintage Fashion – Haunted Clothes Can Make You Sick

is at its all-time high during this pandemic. Can second-hand clothing carry the original owner's spirit? Can someone else's make you ill? Over the years I have bought items that have made me ill. I do believe clothing has cursed and they carry the person's spirit within the fabric. So when I buy vintage clothes I make sure it speaks to my spirit.

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The cardigan and belt are what I bought and I love them.

How To Choose Positive Vintage Clothes

I don't know the history of any of the clothing when I go into a vintage shop. Who was the original owner of the fabrics and why are they now in a second-hand shop?  The clothes may be stolen, or a person murdered. The person may have died. The person may have gone through a tragedy and no longer wanted the items.  So how do I know what to buy when it comes to vintage clothing?

I go by how the clothing draws attention to me. Recently in Rome, I bought three vintage items. They were never worn and the individual pieces represented my soul and personality.

Whatever attracts me and when I put it on. If I feel great in it. If I get positive energy from the clothing I know it belongs to me.

Can Vintage Clothes Make You Sick?

I have had items I bought secondhand bought them home and within a few days, I get ill. or I feel a sick sense towards the item. if I am feeling weird, sad or a heavy presence in my home. I refer to the new item I just brought into my villa. I instantly knew that I needed to get rid of the item.  I test this by putting the item outside the home. If I feel peace and a change within my home. I instantly know the clothing is haunted.

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Beware Of Second-Hand Gifts

In the last two weeks I have got very sick, my family got sick, my glasses have broken and I got hit by a car. What changed before this all happened within a few days? I was given a mask from . Even though the gift was lovely I knew something was off. All the above happened for no reason. So I placed it outside and felt so much more at peace. Some gifts just simply don't belong to me. It does not mean you can't give it to someone else.


For whatever reason when I walk into a Gucci store I get a very bad feeling. I have a vintage Gucci bag that I gave away. it just did not sit well with my inner soul. Why is the Gucci brand so unsettling to me? I feel in my spirit that this brand has mistreated staff in the past. I feel they are not being honest and genuine in the fabrics that they claim to be made in Italy. There is dishonesty within the brand of Gucci.

My gut instinct is always right and I act upon this very fast.

Clothes That Anoint You

Can second-hand clothing give you positive opportunities? Can vintage clothes open new doors to your life? I believe they can. Especially when they are handed down from your heritage. Can a robe give you peace of mind? Can a dress empower you to be bolder? The person who owned and wore it before has a history. Fabrics hold the key to one's heart and can unlock prosperity for the new owner. Clothes that make you very happy.

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Follow Your Clothing Gut

Don't overthink buying or gifting clothing. is a very powerful curse too. especially if a ring is from a divorce or stolen. If it feels wrong take it off and give it away. If it feels evil throw it out. I have done this many times. Even if the intention of the gift is meant well. Follow your gut and if it feels wrong it truly means it does not belong to you.

Giving is powerful. You will get something in return much better.


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