The Case for Retro Swimwear

The Case for Retro Swimwear

I am such a fan of retro it's so much more appealing to me than the string bikini and other “barely there” bathing suits. Retro swimwear goes one step further than the bathing suits and one-piece swimsuits of today in terms of coverage, but also in terms of retro-chic factor. But, if you're looking for variety in your swimwear wardrobe, do also take a look at our article on the retro bikini there will be more than just a piece of string there, I promise!

Marilyn-Monroe vintage swimwear

in a white halter-style bathing suit in 1956.

The pros – making a case for the retro suit.

  • How about leaving a little something to the imagination? Just because you've got it, doesn't mean you need to show everyone on the beach.
  • Vintage-style suits are so much more practical for doing anything on the beach (as said by someone who has lost her top before in a rough surf). Volleyball, anyone?
  • Retro suits stand out in the sea of ladies who are all wearing the same tired styles and allow you to stand out as an individual.
  • Finally, they are so much more forgiving for all body types… that string bikini is just not.

So, get cracking and get to work shopping for your new retro-style swimsuit for this . Here are a few ideas to get you started. You might be surprised that you can even find retro-style suits at mainstream large retailers like Victoria's Secret.


  1. 50's Style Green One Piece Swimsuit With Buttons
  2. Seafolly One Piece in Black Pin Stripe
  3. Transmarine Dreams One Piece by Fables
  4. Tassel Tank
  5. Retro One-piece by Carmen Marc Valvo.

Now all you need are the sun.

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