When Old Vintage Becomes New Vintage

When Old Vintage Becomes New Vintage

Fans of will be pleased to hear that the vintage look is here to stay this is a style that doesn't want to go away. This news is currently making fashionistas very happy as it means they can keep recycling their clothing and playing around with different looks and eras.

Creating different vintage looks is a little like playing with a dress-up box as an adult; do 80s shoulder pads suit you? How about a 50s circle skirt or a 30s gown? Piecing together a vintage outfit is a very creative process, you have to consider whether you want to stick to original designs or reproductions and do you want to keep the look purely vintage or bring it up-to-date with modern-day accessories.

Vintage goods like Laura Ashley, Kookai, and 1990s clothing seem to be highly popular amongst Generation Z.

Everything tough glamour has also made a huge comeback.


Pop Stars

Pop stars such as Rihanna and Katy Perry pull off the retro look perfectly but don't think that what they wear is 100% vintage, unlike us they haven't been scouring charity shops for one-off bargains, oh no, their outfits are vintage-inspired and designer all the way. Just take a look at Adele right now.


Everything cleverage and glamour.

There's a wealth of vintage-inspired clothing currently gracing the catwalks you only have to take a look at the high street to see the trickle-down effect of this. But when it comes to true vintage-inspired clothing you need to take a look at the classic designers for the best inspiration:

Vivienne Westwood is heavily inspired by , something which you can clearly see in her designs. Known for creating structured clothing with strong shapes as well as full skirts and soft drapery, Westwood's creations always seem to offer a nod to the elegant Victorian and Edwardian eras even her edgy punk pieces showcase this vintage-inspired tailoring. Jumping ahead to a different era, her current Anglomania collection features a selection of delectable ready-to-wear pieces that are inspired by the 50s.

This 50s-inspired polka-dot dress would look amazing worn with a pair of black patent heels and a structured updo.


When one visualizes designer vintage clothing, the name Coco Chanel is more than likely to spring to mind. Renowned for elegant 20s designs that favoured a loose shape as opposed to tight corsetry, structured business suits in masculine colours and quilted are still to this day sought-after items.

The Spring/ 2012 collection features feminine shapes inspired by the 40s and 50s – demure knee-length designs are topped with structured jackets and combined with modern metallics to bring the look up-to-date.


Yves Saint Laurent is known for its strong masculine shapes and daring haute couture. In the 70s the designer paid homage to the 40s by creating a collection that shocked the fashion world for its lack of decorum and overtly seductive style. Nowadays the collections are a little more subdued take a look at this.

Yves Saint Laurent 1980s Chunky Jewellery

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